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Kennel (Est.2009)
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"Jewels Of The Northern Sahvahna"

Pixi 4.6 years

Miss Shimma

We Do Not Export or send our Puppies Interstate
 Outbackgold Enchanted SasyLass "Shantay"
                    First Show outing with Daddy 
CH Outbackgold Sahvahna StarDust "Dusty"






I am an Ethical ANKC Registered Golden Retriever Breeder.
I spend a lifetime learning Pedigrees, going over dogs, talking and learning from those in my Breed and those outside my Breed.
I raise each litter inside my home as if I gave birth to them and spend an equal amount of time finding them loving homes.
I only bring puppies into this world that I think will be the healthiest (mentally and physically) and best examples of the Golden Retriever Breed. I hold them when they arrive and leave this world.
I support each family who chooses one of my puppies and let them know they are now part of our
Outbackgold Extended Family.
I am there if one needs to come back and will aggressively pursue the return of one of my dogs if its in the wrong place.
I support my breed in rescue and education, not only my own but my brethren in the fancy.
I don't keep track of the money and time I put into my Love of dogs, it would not be a true measure of how I feel,
The price I charge for my puppies is never profit, but investment in the next generation.
I share my knowledge and socialize my dogs so that they will be the advertisement for my dedication.
I support my friends in the fancy, because it takes a village sometimes and only WE know how things are for us.
I will not be ashamed of who I am, I am a breeder and I am proud of it.
I work hard at being a good dog person and encouraging others to be the same.
If we don't support each other - we are doomed as a fancy.

"Miss Sahvahna"
 Miss Sahvahna 6 yrs
 Outbackgold Pet Photography
They Are Your Friends,
Your Partners,
Your Defenders,
Your Dogs.  
You Are Their Life,
Their Love,
Their Leader.
They Will Be Yours
Faithful and True,
To The Last Beat Of Their Hearts. 
We Owe It To Them
To Be Worthy Of Such Devotion.
Miss Shimma 6 yrs
"Miss Shimma" 
Outbackgold  Pet Photography
The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the way it's Animals are Treated.
Mahatma Gandhi



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